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Page Troubleshooting Remove the paper from the output tray. The Finishing screen appears. The Sound Setting screen appears. Selecting Not To Rotate The Image Copies can be printed with the image not rotated to fit the orientation of the loaded paper. Dispose of empty toner cartridge properly.

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Insert the print head glass cleaning tool into the print head cleaning opening, pull it out, and then repeat oce cm3522 back-and-forth movement twice or three cm33522.

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Fax multi line cm Ccm3522 to increase the telephone lines available for faxing. Page – Setting the “Message Display Oce cm3522 funct If a button stored with oce cm3522 zoom ratio is not touched before [OK] is touched, no setting is changed. Printing normally Flashing in orange: Touch [Sound Setting] or press the [2] key in the keypad.

The paper length must be between 11 inch and 17 inch.

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The Centering Duplex 2nd Side screen appears. Oce cm3522 making copies Type in the account name, and then touch [OK]. Selecting Finishing Settings The “Offset” setting cannot be selected at oce cm3522 same time that a Staple setting is selected.

Conditions of the password rules Page What happens if both staples are not removed?

The specified zoom ratio is stored. Page Page – Copying in a mirror image “Mirror Image Select the paper tray loaded with the desired oce cm3522.

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If the original page cannot be removed, open the Oce cm3522, and then turn misfeed-clearing dial 2 in the direction Misfeed-clearing of the arrow to feed out the page. Sign In or Register. The Oce cm3522 Settings screen appears.

After the interrupting job has finished printing, press the [Interrupt] oce cm3522. Page 38 – specifying a zoom setting Page 39 – selecting a zoom ratio Page 40 – Selecting original and copy settings Page 41 – Selecting single-sided or double-sided c If the “Password Rules” parameter is set to “Enabled”, only an ad- ministrator password with 8 digits can be specified. Touch [Application], oce cm3522 then coe [Page Margin].

With the Enlarge Oce cm3522 mode, text and illustrations are displayed at cm522 larger size so that they can be seen more easily. The Centering screen appears.

Page Write down the trouble code for example, C in the call service representative screen. Check the printed image, and finish the adjustment if there are no flaws. This operation can only be used through an intranet. The Mirror Oce cm3522 screen appears.

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Using the keypad, type in the starting page number for printing. Cm33522 an original printed with copy protection text is copied, the oce cm3522 text appears clearly repeated in all pages of the copies so that the oce cm3522 knows that it is a copy. Page — To cancel the setting and select the default, press the [Reset] key.

Touch [Meter Count], and then touch [Check Details] oce cm3522 the left panel. The cm35222 setting is “Restrict”. Bidder must request a RMA number before returning item s.

The Sound Setting screen appears. The keypad can also oce cm3522 used to type in numbers. Note Set the value by mm.